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We are a small but growing association of biomimicry practitioners and enthusiasts, connected by the common thread of “innovation inspired by nature” and a commitment to do some great things together and with our partners to benefit our community and ecosystem.

Our purpose is to convene passionate and committed thought leaders, including professionals, academics, and other innovators around the promise of biomimicry and bioinspired innovation. We have three main goals:

– Be inspired, even awed. Connect. Contribute. Enjoy.

– Advance our personal and professional lives as a benefit of the insights, skills, and relationships Biomimicry LA provides or otherwise facilitates.

– Collaborate to leverage biomimicry thinking to help solve ecological and urban challenges in the Los Angeles region.

With all of the above focused on improving the quality of life for ourselves and our respective communities as well as sharing best practices and insights with other biomimicry networks, practitioners, and advocates worldwide.

More on how we take Action here, including accelerating and growing bioinspired new ventures.

Local Network & Global Network

We are affiliated with the Biomimicry Institute and its regional networks around the world, collaborating through the sharing of best practices and resources to accelerate and ensure the quality of our network’s development.

With a multi-disciplinary group of scientists, engineers, architects, designers, business leaders, researchers, and students, we are exploring the world around us through a biomimicry lens, becoming more attune to our local environment, and endeavoring to consciously emulate nature’s genius in the areas of form, process, and system development and innovation at scales ranging from the nanometer to the ecosystem.

Our Members

In following the vision of the Biomimicry Institute for network development, and with our founder Colin Mangham having co-authored the Institute’s first global network plan, we continue to develop our membership to include:


–Educators, business leaders, biologists, engineers, designers, others


–Universities, businesses, governments, non-profits

Inter-Organizational Core Groups
–Regional networks, educator network, public-private collaborations, corporate alliances, others

For more on our Founding Members, click here. To join our group as an affiliate member, please email AskNature@BiomimicryLA.org.


Biomimicry LA began as a participant in the Daily Brand Group 6-month accelerator program, and continues to work with Daily Brand and others to bring bioinspired new ventures to market.